Knitting Flowers and Bows

12 Nov

My niece is obsessed with flowers and bows so I  am a little inspired to attempt some basic bows and flowers. Upon browsing the web, I have found some  fellow knitters and crafters who share these great inspirations and DIY’s.

Source: DIY Knit Bow and Neck Warmer

DIY: Hand Knit Bow and Neck Warmer

This is absolutely gorgeous and looks pretty simple. I better start knitting because I can see myself wearing this bow and neck warmer in the winter.

Source: How to Knit Flowers

How to Knit Flowersthumbnail

I can see these simply flowers as accents on baby clothing or as hair clips.


FALL Knitting

30 Oct

When I think of Fall,I think of  pumpkins and since I am into knitting these days I’ve been thinking of seasonal crafts. Here are a few of my favorite pumpkin Knit crafts. I really hope to make some of these beautiful items pretty soon.

Luscious Little Pumpkin Pattern


You will find a link to the pattern for this pumpkin beauty by clicking on the source link

Pumpkin Knit Newborn Hat

ETSY  also has a similar baby image. It is a wonderful site where crafters can open a store to monetize their talents.

Stay tuned, I will be posting more as the holidays progress.

Knit or Purl?

25 Oct

While there are other knitting stitches, I’ve found myself using the Knit Stitch and the Purl Stitch more than others. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but I am alternating between the two. First I started off with just the knit stitch since it was the first one I learned. However I found that I had a hard time with the way I had to hold the needle. So, I took that as an opportunity to learn another stitch – hence the purl. The Purl stitch worked great for me, the position of the needles were not as awkward and I moved a lot faster.

Just like the comfort-ability of the needle size, how comfortable you are with a particular stitch all depends on the user.

A short list of knitting stitches (some these are really pretty):

  1. Yarn Over Between a Knit and Purl
  2. The Stockinette Stitch
  3. Lattice or Post stitch
  4. Seed stitch
  5. Block Weave Stitch
  6. Single leaf pattern
  7. Appleseed knitting
  8. Popcorn knitting Stitches

Knitting Conventions

20 Oct

I recently came across this youtube video of one of the many “knitting conventions” – who knew? On the other hand, why wouldn’t there be a convention for knitters? There is one for everything else! This one is called Stitches Midwest Convention, but I’m sure they are in other areas too.

Hands on!

14 Oct

Someone mentioned in a comment that I should consider taking a class, suprisingly I never thought about doing that – with so much info on the internet. However, it’s a good idea. I’ve had questions that would be easier to answer had there been some one to actually ask. So, I found a couple places in my area that I may consider checking out:

Whole Nine Yards

Cast-on Cottage & Needle Point

Strings & Strands

Needle Nook

All these places look so fun and colorful…





A baby scarf? Maybe not!

12 Oct

Time & Progress

1 Oct

As a beginner it was hard to anticipate a timeline for completing my first knitting project. With my school schedule and all, it’s taken me a month to make half off a scarf. While the progress looks grim, on the flip side, I’VE COMPLETE HALF OF A SCARF 🙂 . I think from now on, i’m going to set aside time each week to complete a few rows, because it feels great when you can see your progress. While my time will not permit me to make all my family members scarfs for Christmas (as i promised – sorry guys), at-least i’ll have one for myself :).

As I looked around for other blogs of the same content, I came across a few that were really motivational. Not because they had encouraging words plastered all over, but because their work were so beautiful. I don’t know how much time they spend on these projects, but….My favorite so far is a blog titles “knitting to stay sane” Take a look!